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Blog | Lorenzo Fellon fast at Assen and happy with that

Hello everyone,

I hope that you're all doing well.

My weekend in Assen was really positive, we had the chance to have a really good weather all through the week-end so it was really nice. I was happy to come to this circuit because the layout is really nice, the track is a little bit bumpy but the layout is great.


In FP1, I had a good rhythm, I get the feeling back and I was enjoying on the track and on the bike and I finished in 13th place.

In FP2, I was even better on the bike, I had a lot better feeling and the tires were less used than during the first free practice so the lap times were better. So, I could improve the lap time and at the end of the session I finished in 9th position.

In the qualifying, I was starting really motivated,I started behind Carlos Tatay and Yuki Kunii but I have changed my bike for used tires but when we put the new tires with lot more grip the bike wasn't reacting like I wanted. I lost a lot of laps changing the bike suspensions and I didn't have this extra grip of the new tires. So, I did a really bad qualifying and I finished 16th.


In the first race I was really motivated to come back with the front group, so I made a really really good start, I overtook six riders and in the first lap also, I made it to the top 7. I was 7th in the first laps.

The first group of six riders broke away and I was battling with Salvadore and Kunii for the 6th position. At the end, Barry crashed and I finished second of my group behind Salvadore so I was 6 overall. I was really happy about this race because after a bad qualifying finishing in 6th position was good, I saved a lot of points for the championship.


In the second race, I had the same motivation than in the first one. I made quite a good start but not as good as the first race, so I need to overtake a lot of people in the first laps. At the middle of the race I made it to the top7 like in the first race. The group of seven riders broke away and I was behind Max Cook, and I knew that he had a good rhythm so I followed his pace and we managed to get back on the group. He signed the fastest lap of the race and me the second one, so he had a really good pace, we caught the first group and I was battling in the first group.


At the end, I finished in 7th place. It's not a bad result, I was really happy about this because I finished at 1 second off the leader, and now I'm ready for Sachsenring.

Thank you!

Chat soon,