Lorenzo Bartalesi

Blog | Lorenzo Bartalesi loving it in Aragon and Jerez

Hi everyone,

At the first test with the KTM Moto3 in Motorland Aragon for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup I lived a very intense few days.

It was my first time on a Moto3 bike, the first time on the Motorland circuit. The strong emotion won and I made many mistakes. I get it, I will do my best to deserve this wonderful opportunity with the Rookies Cup.

Back from the Aragon test, I trained hard to be ready to face the first two Jerez weekend races. My workouts are mainly in the gym and with the flat track bike, as well as studying the videos of previous races to understand the ideal lines.

Finally we came to the first round of this fantastic championship, fantastic atmosphere. I'm with all my idols !!!!!! The true pilots of the world's MotoGP !!!!! Wow, I have to keep the concentration and listen to what they tell me. My Rookies Cup Instructors !!!!!

Dreaming the race !!!!!!!!!!!!

Two photos showing the race on Saturday, departure and return, happy to finish in the saddle and to win the first point in the standings.

See you soon,