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Blog | Lorenzo Bartalesi having fun in summer

Hi everyone,

We have been having a great summer lots of racing and having fun. See what you think.

Finished Qualifications !! We start in 17th position ..... much better than all other races !!!

Looking at the moto3 in the company of my mom before the race on Saturday in the Brno circuit.

Relax in hospitality and Ready for the 1st Brno circuit race !!!!!!

Today the race was not one of the best since the start I started badly and I lost positions, then it was a consequence, it was a pity to have lost the battle in the points area. Tomorrow another race we will come back. !!!!!

Race 2 in the wet, lack of feeling on the Brno track for this weekend closing with a 15th position and zone points still a bit far from my expectations.

After so much water racing we now start for the circuit of the Red Bull Ring in Spilbergh in Austria!

Arrived in Spielberg with my family support in these consecutive races, I like to be in the company with them.

I have a lot of fun with my sister in the days before the weekend on another new circuit for me !!!!

A nice bath in the spa pool with my sister that beauty be with her here !!!!!!!!!!!

We are just a nice family !!!!!!!!!

Now we're ready for this weekend just concentrating. Beautiful track !!!!!!

We start the track for this new circuit with Dani Ribalta explaining the curves and trajectories of the circuit very good in his work.

Free tests proved to be a good feeling on a wet track and a good feeling with the bike although we had to change gear for a technical breakdown, now focusing on qualifying.

Waiting for the qualifications we went a bit to play pleystacion with my comrades ... we had a lot of fun with MotoGP 2017. Guys there are twists in the game ... !!!!!!!

Qualifications go pretty well even though I've seen to clear the 16th position for having touched the green curb with the back wheel, but I'm happy with how they went qualifications even if I started in 19th,
Now we try to stay with the group ahead .......

Starting tests after qualifying. I need to be able to improve the start that we are still far away !!!! HAHAHAHA

Race 1: I conquered the points area even though we had to struggle to find a feeling with the replaced bike thinking that we could do better in Race 2.

Race 2 went worse by finding it difficult in the first laps and in the start and struggling with the tendency and concentration to do better than the first race.

Now I have to find myself relaxed and polished for the Home Race in the Misano circuit on September 9th, I have to try to improve departures and manage concentration.

Waiting for 9th September we took some holiday with my family amusement and sea.

At the sea with my family and between dives and fun with my sister always at my side .... we do not ever separate !!!!!!!!

Although I'm on vacation I always find the way to keep me in training.

and prepare for the Misano Race.

I never give up and always try to improve my mistakes ..........

Returning home found a nice gift I dreamed of! Just out late until late, I was even without gasoline and either had to call my dad to come and get me back !! HAHAHAHA

See You in Misano,