Lorenzo Bartalesi

Blog | Lorenzo Bartalesi from the Berlin Wall to Piazza del Mugello

Dear All,

This photo I really like because my puppet seems to guide the bike!!!!

A beautiful day visiting the Berlin Wall, I was fascinated because I only saw it in the documentaries.

Great day to visit Schuberth, where we saw how our helmets are manufactured, very important for our safety!!

So much fun in canoeing and playing beach volleyball with my teammates! I'm happy because it was an opportunity to get to know us better ....

My first autograph ahahah !! This gentleman is too nice !!!!!!!

When I saw the structure of the Schsering track I felt a great emotion, it's a wonderful track !!

First race on wet track .... very wet !!! It was not easy for me to drive under these conditions but I tried to do my best to do my best...

After the first very difficult race, I always consult with the technician to get good driving tips and improve my performance.

A bit of relaxation after a busy day with my favorite drink to get some energy!

I really enjoy helping my mechanic Daniele when he unloads my bike, it's great to learn and look at how to do it.

Before returning to Italy we could not stop eating the good desserts typical of the place ..... fantastic !!!!!

Finally I bought the new motogp game where I am also!!! With this I train every day in the tracks I will still face and what I have already faced trying to improve my qualifying times. I enjoy it a lot and it is very useful !!!!

I enjoy bicycle riding on a wheel!

Training in Piazza del Mugello with my motard 65 with Gianluca Nannelli to perfect my performance !!!!!!!!

See you all soon,