Loran Faber

Blog | Loran Faber very happy and on to the holidays with a good feeling

Hi everyone,

After the hard weekend in Brno where we struggled a lot we've tried to relax, so we stayed in the Czech Republic for two more days. After that we started the journey to the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Also here we struggled on the first day, I couldn't find a good rhythm or a good feeling with the bike. My mechanics changed a lot on the machine on Friday night and after that, in the race, everything went a lot better. I instantly felt like I finally knew what racing was again...

I improved my lap time from the qualifying by a second and in the end I finished thirteenth.

I was so happy with this and couldn't wait for Sunday to start the second race. In this race as well, things went so well and I had such a nice battle with Walid Soppe, Sasha de Vits, Sean Kelly and Xavier Artigas.

I finished fourteenth, but what made me even more happy was the fact that I was almost a second faster than during race one. Plus my fastest lap was less than a second off the times from the guys in the front.

So, I'm going into the holidays with a good feeling. I'm going to enjoy my vacation but also work hard so I'll be ready for the next race in Misano.

See you there,