Blog | Kyle's Estoril & Oulton | 2011


Last weekend at Estoril was up and down for me. First practice was good in the dry and I was 5th fastest. I was quite pleased with this.
Was looking forward to qualifying but in the end it got cancelled because after doing less than a lap!! a thunderstorm started and lightning struck the track. I was very close to it and I could not see for a few seconds! Deni was closest to the strike and was most affected by it, he came off and had to go to hospital, luckily he was OK.

After a couple of hours waiting in pits, I spent some time talking to Bradley Smith they decided to send us out for the 2nd qualifier. It was still very wet and I could not get a feel 'cause my bike was set up for the dry and I crashed out. I did not get a good lap time in and was 2nd to last on the grid for the races.

Race 1 was good, they made some changes to the bike and I got a good start and the bike felt much better and I was more confident. I felt I could have gone faster but managed to get up to 12th by the end of race, I had some good battling with Joe. Was pleased with result.

Race 2, the bike was still set up good after making changes to suspension and forks Saturday etc. Again I got a good start and was picking my way through the others slowly, had a good battle with about 6 of us, unfortunately Willi and Migno came off right in front on me. So the rest of us kept battling and swopping positions all the time! I kept passing on the straights and fast corners but I've got to work on my slower, tight corners as I was being passed underneath me. I kept trying very hard and ended up 12th again. Happy with myself.

After race 2 on Sunday I went straight to the airport to fly home because I was racing in the BSB 125 at Oulton Park the next day.

We got to the track at 3am, had got some sleep on way and when we got there. I had to complete 5 laps in the warm up to be allowed to do the race. I had to start at the back of the grid in 33rd place as I had missed qualifying.

I got a good start in the race and worked my way safely through, moving higher up each lap. Near the end of race I got up to 3rd position but could see Matt (Davies) in 2nd. I kept pushing and on the last corner of the last lap I went for it and pushed and took Matt on the line to get 2nd!! Very very happy I also got 1st in the Academy Cup.

Racing again at Croft BSB on May 15th and looking forward to MotoGP in June at Silverstone.


Kyle #77