Blog | Kyle at Silverstone


Did not have a very good weekend at all in Silverstone.

Practice started off well, I was going good, I was up to 10th position.

Some adjustments were made to my bike because it was still not turning and holding a line and went out in Q1 and went a lot slower and the handling was worse.

Q2 started after another change to the bike and I went quicker than Q1 but then it started to rain so could not get a rhythm or good times in.

Race 1: Started second to last on the grid and it was raining, I did not get a very good start and did not have good feel on the bike at all, could not push and did not do very good at all, was last and even got lapped so was very disappointed.

Race 2: was also wet, very very wet. Set off OK, passed a couple in the first few corners but had a couple of near crashes, still had no feel properly and had lost all confidence in myself and the bike. Was last yet again!!

Not a good weekend by far!!

Looking forward to Assen, want to work and try hard at setting my bike up so I can push hard has I know I can be up in the middle of the group at least.

Thanks team#77 and for the support of my supporters the past week or so,

Kyle x