Blog | Kyle at last at Sachsenring


Loved the new track, one of my favourite tracks and really enjoyed it.

Practice 1 and 2 were good, not such good positions but learned the track and enjoyed it.

Race 1: Was not good, finished 13th but if everyone stayed on I would of been about 22nd so not so good and was not happy with the result. I could not brake later than everyone else and could not go round the corners as fast so not good. Had some tough racing though with other Rookies.

Race 2: Finished. I finished 12th with no crashers so very good, 4 or 5 of us came across the line together, we had some good battles with each other through the race. We got the bike handling well and braking smoothly and knocked a few seconds of my lap time so great. Like to thank dad and David for a great weekend.

Looking forward to Brno, talk soon,

Kyle #77