Blog | Kyle fast but frustrated



Hiya every1,

Friday was good in the wet and the mixed conditions. I was nervous but could not wait for the race on Saturday.

The race felt good but a little more speed would of made it easier for me and as I wasn't able to use 6 gears as the engine wouldn't rev high enough. I was upset because I felt confident I could get my first podium :(

Race two, I had my braking good and ready for the last lap from the first lap. There was no fault found with my engine so I was down on speed again. Then with Brad squeezing some riders to the inside it made one, "espana",  crash into me unfortunately and I was disappointed 'cause I felt I could of been on the podium .

Looking forward to Estoril as I have a good setting for the bike and hopefully my engine will be sorted.

Kyle #77