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Blog | Kevin Zannoni fast in Aragon and faster in winning Mugello

Hello to all,

In Aragon I was very fast, I loved it the track since the first free practice session; and suited to my riding style.

The qualifying was not bad... I finished in P13 but with a good lap time to stay with the group in front of me!

The start of Race 1 wasn't good but I recovered positions quickly... remaining in the battle for P8.

Near the end of the race I made a mistake under braking; my bike moved a lot and I touched Walid Soppe. Causing him to crash and for me a long run off the track; and I ended in P13. I'm sorry for Walid.

The Race 2 I started very well and I was fourth but three laps to the end three rider overtook me... and a few corners later I went wide and I crashed. I restarted and I finished in P20... it was coming off a great race for me.

In the championship I finished in P15... Not good but I made many mistakes and with good growth in last races. Thanks to all people of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for this.

After I had the last race of the Italian championship in Mugello! It started very well in the qualifying as I finished first!!! With a track record in the Italian championship.

The weather conditions of Race 1 was wet ! And I made a intelligent race, finished in second place.

Photo Luca Gorini

In the Race 2 the track was dry and I can show the best of myself... the race was really difficult, eight people in the battle for the first position! In the end I managed to win the race.

Photo Luca Gorini

Photo Luca Gorini

Thank you to all my team for the beautiful season!!!

I closed the championship in third position just 11 points from the first in the championship; and I managed to be the Rookie of the Year !

A fantastic first season in Moto 3!

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