Kevin Ogis Assen

Blog | Kevin Orgis races bravely and brilliantly after a practice injury

Hi all,

Last weekend was the second round at the Dutch GP in Assen. I knew the track already but never with the KTM. So I had to find a good setup.

After the first Free Practice I was 8th and it was really good. I had a good feeling and I could follow the fastest riders. So I went really excited going into the 2nd free practice. The beginning was also okay but I couldn't get onto fast times because I was fighting in a group.

At half-time in the practice I had a highsider and the following rider crashed into me. He fell on my left hand and scraped off my glove so I lost skin and hurt my thumb and middle finger. Because of the pain I couldn't start in Qualifying Practice. With help from Dr Mir I could recover a little bit overnight and next morning I could convince the doctors to start in the race.

Because I missed the Qualifying I had to start from the back of the grid. Before the race it started to rain so it was started as a wet race. I had a good start but the conditions were not really wet, just a little bit moist. In the beginning I had a not such good feeling, but after half of the race it started to rain again. I got a good feeling in the complete wet conditions and I could catch up with the group fighting for P2. But when I wanted to overtake the race was finished by the red flag because of to many crashes.

It was a great race because I started from last place and finished 5th. During the race I had no pain in my hand because of the adrenalin in my body but after the race it hurt a lot.

After a few checks in the medical centre I could convince the doctors another time and get green light for second race on Sunday. During the MotoGP race it started to rain really heavy, so we had a wet race again.

Because of the conditions we made some changes in the suspension and the start of the race was better than in first race. I had a really good feeling from the beginning and I fought myself through the field. I was one of the fastest guys on track and made fastest laps.

But when I was 5th place, getting closer to the front group, the rain stopped and the track became less wet every lap. Because we made the suspension softer before the rain I got more and more problems with the rear every lap.

I lost much time and some positions and on the last lap I had a highsider. It was a good race but crashes can happen in this sport. Luckily I didn't hurt my hand again.

Now I have to recover from the two crashes by my home race on the Sachsenring in three weeks.

See you,

Kevin Orgis #44