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Blog | Kevin Orgis with one of his best ever races

Hey everybody,

Last weekend was the home race of Red Bull in Spielberg at the Red Bull Ring. After the summer brake I felt fit and ready for this race weekend.

In the first free practice I had a good felling for the bike already from the first round. I was the first to get out on the track, so I was the whole time alone. I battled all the time in the top 5 and at the end I was in position 3. I had the fastest lap time but it was cancelled because I run out of the track limits at the last turn. But I knew I had a good speed for the second training.

There I was again alone in the front without slipstream. I had a really good speed on my own, but for qualifying practice I knew without slipstream I had no chance. So I tried to get out a little bit later to be in a fast group. But because of the traffic I realised early that I can't get a free lap, so I rode alone again. I was really fast in the second to last lap, but at the end of this lap many other riders were waiting and slowed down for the last lap. So they destroyed my time but in the last lap I could ride on position 6.

This was my best qualifying this year and I knew that I'm really fast on this track. On the next day was the first race and I made a good start. In the first corner I was 4th but I had problems on braking because in all the practises before I didn't have to brake really late, so I didn't have a good feeling.

I was fast enough to follow the first group but when other riders overtook me I couldn't overtake them back because of my problems on braking. I also made a small mistake and I left the track and I had a big highsider but I could save it.

Then I tried to fight as hard as I can and at the end I could save a 10th position, what is a good result.

On Sunday was the second race and my start was again good. I was 5th in the first corner but this time I wasn't able to follow the front group. I lost some places and I fell back on the 9th position.

Because of the fast speed in the first few laps, there was a big gap behind me to the 10th position. After the first race I had a much better feeling on the brakes and I was fighting in a group of 3. It was really cool because we made many but clear and safe overtakes in the group, but 7 laps before finish we realised, that we were able to catch the second group fighting for position 4.

Immediately we stopped overtaking to be faster and 3 laps before finished we caught the group. It was really tight but my bike went well on the straights and could brake really late so I led the group in the last lap.

In the second last corner Florido passed me. In the last corner I tried to get much speed out onto the straight but I finished only 0.007 sec behind him.

But this 5th position was a really good result and I was really happy. It was definitely one of my best races ever!

Now I have to go from Monday to Wednesday to school and next weekend is already our next stop in Brno. I'm looking forward to this race weekend and I will try to improve myself another step.

See you,

#44 Kevin Orgis