Blog | Karel wins at home



Hey everyone, 

Last weekend we had a race on my home track at Brno. It is started well. Free practice and qualifications were successful for me, so I started from my 3rd Pole. 

The first race was really great. My start wasn't very good and I ran in 4th or 5th place. Then I was 3rd, but I lost a lot of time to the guys ahead of me, because I fought with Jorge and Lukas. I think I had maybe more than 2 seconds gap. 

At half race distance I started my pursuit ride. I rode the fastest lap of the race and caught Florian. Immediately I tried to pass him and for one lap we had good fight. Then I pushed again and I tried hold my speed. 

In a last lap of the race I caught Livio as well. I found my place and passed him. I rode half of the track in lead, but he passed me on the ''horizont'' (horizon) - 2 corners before finish line. 

But I held my line and set up the last corner where I passed him and crossed the line in   1st place! It was my best race in my life. I really enjoyed that on the track with my fans. 

The 2nd race was completely different. I was 3rd after the start, but when I exited one of the corners, I was a little bit wide and caught the plastic grass, which was wet from the morning. It took me out off the track, where I crashed. I restarted the race without my rear brake and with bent right handlebar. Finally I was 16th. 

I want to say, that I'm very sad from this weekend. I know that I won the race, but it's not very important. The most important thing is health and some of our riders of us dn't have the same luck. I hope they will be well soon. Be strong guys!!! 

Karel 98