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Hey everyone

After the tests I am so happy with my performance. I think that I did really very good job and I feel the bike very well. The first Test was learning for me and I just wanted to feel more the new bike. It happened and finally I won the first Test, so it was just a bonus for me. 

The second test was very similar to the first. We also started in wet conditions. I rode very calm and finally also with very good lap times. I'm really happy that I confirmed my performance on wet track. On wednesday I started good. The first session was so good conditions yet, and I rode also really fast. I improve my time from Test 1 immediately and I felt the bike so good. The problems came at the end of this session, when my tyres weren't in the best condition. On my last lap in the last corner of Jerez I gave too much gas and I took a hide-sider. I jumped in the air and fell down firstly on my foot and then on my hand. 

I injured my ankle and my wrist. After a check with the doctors I went out in the next session. I couldn't walk (and still I can't), but I said that for the riding the bike it is OK. I firstly couldn't change down, so I set up ing my gear lever differently to help. I was in pits maybe 2 or 3 times, then it was all right. But then I took very good rhythm and I improved my lap time about 0,3s. It was the last session for me, because after start really big pain in wrist and than in ankle as well. 

Finally I am very happy that I rode this really good time injured and also that I feel the bike very well. I next races we just will need to work on suspension a little bit. Now I feel really better. I don't feel any pain. but I hate this state! I hope I will be able to train in a few days.

I'm looking forward to the first season race in Austin.

See you there!