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Hi there!!

Today I write about pre-season test of "Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup".

Test on the 1st day.

I ride, beginning to understand the combination of KTM machine and Dunlop tires. So, I was initially dedicated to feel the characteristics of the machine and the tires. This machine is quite different characteristics to the machine that I've been riding in the past. However, I have to understand their properties up to free practice 3.

This KTM machine is very interesting and fun to ride. Its operability is excellent, it will react to my request. Like a creature that has a brain, this machine understands my thinking.

The first day test, I focused on understanding the machine. I enjoyed "No.67 bike" and lots of conversation. And, me and "No.67 bike" are ready to time up from the test on the second day.

Test on the 2nd day.

On this day, I tried to gradually time up from free practice 1. The results appeared immediately. I have recorded the top time in free practice 2. However, my attempt is not yet complete. I'm sure my time will be better. This is because the machine setting can be better.

Aerodynamic characteristics and slipstream of this cowling is not yet tried.
After all, I was very fun to ride. On the last day of the test, I'm going to try all my thoughts. I talk a lot more with "KTM No.67", and I finish the race setting.

Next blog also fun!

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Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup - # 67 Kaito Toba
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