Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡

Blog | Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡 on the podium at the Sachsenring

Hi, There!!

"Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Sachsenring round" is over.
I write about that race today.

Race 1:

I was starting from 10th on the grid.
I made a little error of judgment immediately after start. So, I lost the lead group in the early stages. But I continued on, raising the position calmly. My pace was good, I was easy to catch up with the group.

I cut the gap to 1.5 seconds behind the group. However, I made a mistake at the final corner. If not for this I would have caught the difference between the groups.

I then concentrated on reliably getting the point. I was 7th.

However, I was able to prepare for Race 2.

Race 2

My start was good.

Early stages, I was dedicated to moving up the leaderboard. And the Battle is fun in a group.

However, someone fell, the group broke up. I concentrated on the 3rd position battle, and it was easily managed. I enjoyed the battle.

In the middle stages or later, I thought only about getting onto the podium, and I changed the way I managed the battle. I was watching the movement and members of the group.

And, I thought of a plan. It became a fierce battle in the last lap, I was excited, a lot of fun.
3rd and 4th positions are exchanged every corner.

And I was able to win the podium.

I'm very happy!! Because I can earn the first podium.

I thank all of the parties. My first one goal it was clear.

Next, I want to clear my second goal.

This month, I had a weekly race. I have a lot of to study and to reflect.
Back home in Japan, to study these. Before that, I eat a lot of Japanese food!

Next blog also fun!

Best Regards,

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup # 67 Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡

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