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Hi, There!!

"Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Assen round" is over.
This race did not produce the results that I wanted.
This is because, I could not qualifying, and, I was injured.

Race 1

I had a problem on the left thumb. I have hurt the ligaments and bone. I fell in free practice and could not take part in qualifying so I was racing from the last grid position.

I was unusually comfortable. This wis because, I could only go forward from there. I was confident.

The beginning of the race, I saw the state of each rider. The top group went away early.
It was unexpected.

I calmly passed those in front, one by one and was orbiting at the head of the group.

The end of the race, I encountered problems with the clutch system. I was riding while processing the problem.

The result was that I finished in 10th place. The charge from the last grid position was perfect. For Race 2 I was able to have a plan and confidence to catch up to the top group.

Race 2

I was confident with the plan. Start of the race, my start was good.

I caught up with the group as planned. I was going to catch up with the top group from the second lap to the third lap.

However, bad luck has occurred. When I overtook one person in the chicane, he covered me from outside. And he had collided with me.

I was falling. I was very frustrating.

This is because it was able to ride according to my plan. From this fall, my injury pain was aching big.

However, there is no time until the weekend. Because I followed by 4 races every week.

Thank you for your continued support. And, I am grateful to the parties concerned and everyone who did take care of my injury.

Thank you very much. I get always good result!!

Next blog also fun!

Best Regards,

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup # 67 Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡
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