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Blog | Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡 with great speed but a mechanical problem in Misano

Hi, There!!

I write a report about the "Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Misano round."

In the free practice my condition was good. So, I had to adjust the setting and gradually get the pace up.

I had a little problem on the front in qualifying. I was riding the 3rd fastest time with the pace up, but the front of the problem has not been resolved.

I tried the front of the adjustment when I pitted. However, the problem is not resolved, I finished the qualifying 6th.

I accepted to think with my mechanic to solve the front problem after qualifying ended.

There was a sense of something strange with the front immediately after the sighting lap for the race. I lined up on the grid, I told the problem to the mechanic, and mechanic made some adjustment.

Immediately after the warm-up start, the front of the problem was worsening. A problem with the front fork had occurred.

However, the race begins.

I started to think how to manage the issue. I was riding the first corner in second place.

Immediately after that, the front behaviour became very bad. I slipped down the ranking.
Then, the front fork problem becomes severe, I pitted.

My result was retired...

Because my condition was good in the build up to the race I was very frustrated.

We want to solve this problem before the final round.

To enjoy the next time!

Best Regards,

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup # 67 Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡

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