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Blog | Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡 in France for some culture and some racing

Hi, There!!

I now stay in France, in Le Mans. I first came to Paris. It is a very wonderful city, and it has wonderful culture!

This weekend's "CEV Repsol International Championship Le Mans round".

I learned a lot of things in the opening race. So,I returned to Japan last week, and I had a lot of training on my supermotard machine! I tried a lot of things in training.

So, I will try one by one in Le Mans round. I have found great things, especially one. This time, I know that this is the key. I know, I have to do a lot of things. It's to fight! It's to win I'm calm, and, my condition is good.

Everyone! Please send a lot of power to me!!
Now, the race week begins!
I go to the circuit now..

Next blog also fun!

Best Regards,

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