Toba and Co. Jerez Race 2

Blog | Kaito Toba 鳥羽海渡 in the fight for the podium with some drama

Hi, There!!

"Red Bull Rookies Cup 2015 Jerez round" is finished.
Race-1 I finished in 4th place, and Race-2 finished 9th.
I have not been able to agree to this result.

Race 1

I was for the first time in a "Red Bull Rookies Cup" race.
So, Whether I would be one of the top riders to race any such deployment, I had to be observed.

I started from 4th place on the grid.
The start was good. But, I made a mistake on the opening lap. I lost a little distance to the leading riders.
But I was calm.
This is because, it has become easier to observe the top riders in the race.
And, I was confident to catch up before mid-race.

Because, I had tried the Dunlop tire in a variety of riding at the time of the test.
It was found to be able to have enough for the second half of the race in the performance of this tire. It is a great tire.

I was able to catch up with the leading group by the middle of the race. The second half, I thought only of going up on the podium.

To that end, I knew what to do. After that, I went up to the 3rd place.

The last lap, I made a mistake at the final corner. I dropped one place.

And, I finished in 4th place.

I was mortified, but I found what to do in the Race 2.


I was able to learn in race-1. So, I targeted the podium.
The start was good. After the start I was riding in 3rd place.
Race the first half. I have observed the state of the top group. However, this has become a little mistake. I opened the distance to the top group.

As with race 1, I was calm.
This is because the state of the machine and the tires because very good. Mid-race, I caught up with the top group. And, he raised one by one, the rank in my plan.

In the final lap, I was riding in 2nd place. However, I got down a little bit of order for mistakes. But, I was confident to compete in the final corner.

In the final corner, I became my deployment as expected. But, it is covered from the out side, I have nowhere to go.

So, the front is cut I was falling.

I was very frustrated. I was immediately recovering the machine. It's because I thought the only thing to earn points.
As a result, I finished at the 9-position.

I am very frustrated. But, It is the first of "Red Bull Rookies Cup" race I was able to learn a lot.
So, from the next race, I further plan. And, I would be on the podium in the plan.

Next blog also fun!

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Red Bull Rookies Cup # 67 Kaito Toba
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