Blog | Jorge working through the problems and having fun


Hi all, 

We have just had the first pre-season test at Jerez. It was nice to see the RBRC people and the Rookies again, and to meet the new guys. Thanks again to Red Bull for this opportunity.

I was eager to try the new KTM Moto3 for this season, it was a completely new experience for me, as I have never ride a Moto3 before. The sound is incredible, very different to the 125cc 2-strokes. I was a bit nervous about how the bikes would work because of the engine, the frame, etc.... But when I first rode it, it wasn't such a big difference.

The first day was a bit of a disaster because of the weather, and we did all the sessions in wet conditions, not the best situation to get used to a new bike. In the first practice, as the engine was new I couldn't exceed11.000 rpm so I wasn't very fast, during the day I couldn't find the perfect setting for the braking but I got used to the bike very quickly, it is easier to control the bike in the wet than last year, it was a fun day overall.

The second day started better, because it was sunny, although the track was damp and it was getting dry very slowly. We, the suspension techs and me, found a good bike balance for braking, and we were working on the suspension setting for fast corners, but it was difficult because we had too many problems with the front wheel but we did some steps forward during the day. In the last sessions, I got much more confident with the bike, and I liked to ride the KTM.

At the moment I'm looking forward to go to the second test at Jerez in two weeks time, to ride my bike again, to continue working on the setting and having fun.

See you then,