Blog | Jorge winning one but not the other in Brno | 2014

Hi all, ¿How is it going?

The last races of the Red Bull Rookies Cup were held in Brno, and in general it wasn't so good.

On Friday I couldn't made a good grid time because a lot of riders were trying to take my slipstream and they were disturbing me, they drive slow, waiting for a wheel and it is difficult to concentrate on the lap. Finally I just made 6th, but really wasn't worried as I knew that my pace was good and I could also be at the front group.

On Saturday I started really bad but I stayed calm and I was overtaking riders and I was catching Pagliani, then I passed him and I tried to push hard to get some meters and it was so difficult so I tried to keep in the top positions. On the last lap I got in front and pushed as much as I could and finally I won and I was very happy!

On Sunday it was a big group and it was a very difficult race, I tried to push but it was impossible and I was always in the first positions, but in the last lap a rider hit my rear wheel and destroyed my race and also very good points for the championship.

I just have to forget all the bad things that happened there and I am ready for the next two races at Silverstone, I lost some weight so it should be easier at the straights :-),

See you there.

Jorge #88