Blog | Jorge winning at his home GP

Hi all,

I am very happy about this race at Jerez, because as I did in Austin, I worked hard with the suspension guys with the settings to get the best bike possible and tried to do the laps by myself. And although I couldn't get on pole, I managed to get into the front row, doing some good 51 second laps.

Saturday’s race was fantastic, as I got my first podium in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies cup, with a victory in my home GP. After a few laps with the usual battle I tried to break from the group to set my pace, but Karel was fast also and got me again. I knew I was faster in the last sector, So I decided to wait for the last corner on the last lap, and it worked! This is the moment where I want to say thanks to Red Bull, the team, sponsors, family and friends for being there

For the 2nd race some of the other Rookies were able also to lap in the 51s so we couldn’t get away from the group. Anyway I thought I was going to be able to fight for the podium, but when Binder's engine broke, I was really lucky to not have a crash, as I was blinded by the smoke for a couple of seconds. So 4th is not a bad result in this situation.

With 4 races finished I am very happy with my position in the championship after having that problem with my wrist, and I am looking forward to reduce the points difference in Assen.

Bye for now,

Jorge #88