Jorge Martín

Blog | Jorge had a strange, but winning, weekend at the Sachsenring | 2014

Hi all,

The last races of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup were at the Sachsenring, and they were really strange ones...

On Friday we didn't made any qualifying because it rained a lot so it was impossible to ride, finally Race Direction took the decision to take the times for the grid from the free practices times. As also rained in FP2, they took them for FP1 where I finished 4th.

The first race was quite difficult for me, at the start I touched with Binder and then with Masiá, and lost positions, was last in the first corner, with a strong pain in my foot. Then I began to overtake riders but I was on the limit and I crashed in lap two.

It was so difficult to continue the race because I was again last, 25 seconds behind the next rider and the bike wasn't in good condition but I thought that the best option was to try to get at least 1 point. Finally I took 4 so it wasn't that bad at the end.

For second race, because of the pain in my foot, my target was to make a podium and it was such a difficult race. I started really badly and I tried to improve positions fast and then I got blocked in 4th.

I started having more pain in my right foot and also losing some confidence in the corner where I crashed the day before. Then with two or three laps left I saw that 3 of the group ahead crashed. So I did a last big effort and I pushed hard to catch up Brad and managed to win the race.

Now I have very good number of points, but I am not thinking yet in the championship and will go race by race, and hope to continue like this. Actually I am having holidays in Switzerland, having fun and getting some rest for my injured foot.

See you in Brno,

Jorge #88