Jorge Martín

Blog | Jorge at the front but twice robbed of the podium

Hi all,

We had the races at Silverstone a few days ago, and as a resume the two races were good for me, but with a disastrous final.

Friday was fine, at the beginning I had some problems of chatter, also I was losing the front tyre, but in the qualifying Santi and the WP staff made a good job and I made a very good 3rd position on the grid.

Saturday's race was good, I was always at the front, I tried to break away from the group, but it was so difficult, they always caught me in the main straight. The last laps were a bit crazy, some riders were really aggressive and doing unexpected movements. Then with two corners to go I got second position, but Scott hit my rear tyre and made me crash and then I lost almost all the possibilities to win the championship. He apologised several times to me for the incident, so for me is over, we all can make mistakes and this is racing.

Sunday was almost the same, always at the front, making a good race but, again, some riders were really over excited, it seemed we were in last lap almost from the beginning, so it was a very difficult race. A few corners to the end of the last lap I was 3rd, and I was lucky to miss the crash of Hanika. Then Roberts high-sided in the next corner and and the inevitable occurred as I was right behind him. I hit him and also crashed. I got on the bike again and managed to get 4 points, enough to keep the championship alive to Misano.

I hope we all calm down a little bit for the next race and we can enjoy it to the end.

See you in Misano,

Jorge 88