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Blog | Jordan in the fight for 5th at Brno | 2013

Hi all,

Before we got to ride our bikes at Brno, we were informed that new suspension mods had been made to the front forks to help get rid of chatter. Well to be honest, I haven't had the same amount of problems as some of the other guys, I think it all depends on your riding style, some guys put more load on the front than others. My bike felt fine and I have no complaints.

Qualifying was tough and I only managed to get 15th on the grid but a reasonable start pulled me up into a group of 6 riders that were all fighting for 5th place. With two laps to go, I managed to get to the front of the group and I thought 5th was mine until I was hit by someone which caused me to run off line and by the time I recovered I was on the back of the group with little time left to get a better position than 10th, but it was real close over the line, that's racing I guess.

I'm off to Silverstone now for my adopted home GP, can't wait!!! The crowds at Brno were amazing and I am hoping we get the same turnout in the UK.

Take care, bye for now

Jordan #34