Blog | Javi fighting hard

Hi everybody,

I came to Brno with many things to improve, because I needed to do a better result them Germany.

This weekend was good.

On the Free Practice we need to run-in the bike and learn the new track.

I was not very good for the qualifying because the plane arrived very late I could only sleep 3 hours, but finally I went out and I qualified in 17th position in Q1. For me it was not a very good result, but in the 2nd qualifying I was not feeling 100% and I stopped 10 minutes before the session finish. Finally I was on 22nd position, not a very good result, I was very disappointed.

In the 1st race I was very happy because it was sunny and I could do a better result, but on lap 5 we had to stop the race due to the rain.

We restarted the race again and in the start I didn't get a good feeling but soon, in the 3rd lap I had more confidence and finally I finish in 8th position. I was very please with the result.

In the 2nd race it was dry and I start very well and in the 2nd lap I did a lap time of 2m 14.3 my best lap time all weekend and went with the big group. But then Willy, in the first corner made a mistake when he was breaking and Lukas and I crashed. I was doing a good race.

We'll see in the next race in Misano.

See you in Italy,

Javi 69