Jason Dupasquier

Blog | Jason Dupasquier training in both deep snow and radiant sun

Hello everyone,

During the winter, in Switzerland is a lot of snow and I make some different sport to help me for riding in motorcycle. Riding with every bike is very good to have a good feeling. I ride enduro with a KTM Freeride 250F in the snow, I was with my father and that was great fun.

Here I was training with Tom Lüthi and we did hard training that was crossfit. Tom give me some good advice.

I was skiing with my brother and friends, we did some jumps and some freestyle, it was great.

During one week of holiday, I went in Spain to train a lot because in Switzerland it have a lot of snow and it's so cold. So I went in Fortuna to train with a Moto5 to do a lot of laps and the technique.

I'm so impatient to do the first test in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. I went also in Cartagena with my Moto3 for two days. I do some activities to be fit for the season.

During the holiday, that was in Fortuna with my Moto5.

In Fortuna, i had the track just for me during 2 days and I did the same exercise like the Moto5 but with my Moto3. Sometime it was more difficult but was very nice to come back on the bike.

First time this year on a road racing track in Cartagena with my brother on his Moto5. It's very cool riding with my brother and show him the line.

Walking on the mountain with a lot of snow it's a good training for the breathing.

I hope you enjoyed it about my training during the preseason. I very impatient to start the season. My goal, giving my best on the bike.

Jason #50