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Hello everybody,

I hope you are well !

But you want to know something about my winter training?

Okay let's go!!

First of all here in Switzerland it have a lot of snow and very cold, so it's not possible to ride with minibike or motocross... When I want to train in my country I just do physical condition like walking in the snow or swimming....


Hey but I need also ride no?

Haha yes of course!!! I go some weekends with my dad and my brother to ride motocross, it's nice sometime to do some jumps or make different kind of corners.


Sometime I also go in Spain to ride with a good bike on a good roadracing track with my training bike. I enjoy a lot because the weather it's not the same like in Switzerland!


When I go in Spain, sometime I go with my parents and my brother or sometime I go alone to my team in Cartagena. There I can ride with other riders of the team with minibike.


And also make some physical training with the sun.

During my free time I can go in a company whose name is Réclame/ TYLT Concept where we make some stickers, helmet design,... and I have the chance to go there in the morning before my training to do my helmet design fort he season, it's nice and I enjoy it a lot!! Thanks.


Thank you everybody who believe in me and help me and see you soon.

Jason Dupasquier #50