Jason Dupasquier

Blog | Jason Dupasquier back on track in Valencia

Hello everybody,

This week was the last race of the season in Valencia. I was happy to be back on my bike and see my team and my friends.

It was difficult to be back on the circuit where I broke my leg, but I like this track so I was fully motivated.
On Friday the track was full wet on the morning and me and the team have decided to do just the second free practice and then the track was dry.

On the Saturday the track was full dry and sunny but I made the 22nd place and for the second qualifying practice everybody rode much faster than in the morning and I finished 27th, so for Sunday I started in the 27th position on the grid.


On the Sunday, I was nervous and I made the 22nd place for the first race with a lot of wind but it was like this for every rider. For the second race I was with a good pace and in the middle of the race I crashed at the same place where I broke my leg, so I was happy to stand up!

It was not my best race week but I will restart the year with a good feeling and doing my best!

I will say thank you to everybody who believes in me, my team, my family, my sponsor who give me a great chance and also the Red Bull Rookies Cup where I have a second chance for 2019!!!!!!

See you soon!

Jason #50