Jakob Rosenthaler

Blog | Jakob Rosenthaler gets it on inside and in the snow

Hello friends,

The first test in Portimao is getting closer and closer and I am really looking forward to finally ride the Red Bull Rookies Cup bike for the first time. I am working hard to be well prepared for my first season in the Rookies Cup.


There is a lot of snow in Austria at the moment and I really like to ride my bicycle in these conditions. I also like to do other things like walking in the snow and doing some fun activities.


If the weather is good I also have the opportunity to ride my bike in the off-season. Most of the time I ride my KTM 85SX on supermoto tracks. But sometimes I also ride my KTM 125SX on motocross tracks. Usually I ride with my sister in the dirt because we can push each other and it´s more fun.


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a lockdown in Austria at the moment. I use this time for physical and mental training.


I really enjoy it to train with my sister and her boyfriend. However, I also use the time to play MotoGP on the Playstation to learn the tracks of the Rookies Cup in 2021.


So, I'm ready for the start of the season and I can't wait for it.

Jakob #78