Izan Guevara

Blog | Izan Guevara gets into gear in the Rookies Cup

Hello everyone,

I'm going to tell you how my start was this weekend at the Red Bull Rockies Cup.


I arrived with great enthusiasm and imagination, it was the first time that I raced in Austria.


In FP1: We had to shoot the bike and it was in training to adapt to the track and the bike.


FP2: We were able to go out with the whole group, but they gave me a development that was not going well, which did not allow me to feel like I was in command.

QP: Before starting we made some modifications to the bike that were better for us in the QP where we were able to achieve a P14.


RACE 1: In our first race we sinned a bit as a Rookie and they made us do a Long Lap penalty, after taking the penalty the gearbox started to fail and the gears skipped until I ended up breaking and we had to finish the race in 5th gear.


RACE 2: At the start I positioned myself very well, I felt very comfortable in the leading group and was gaining positions, but by the fifth lap the brake faded and I ran out of front brake and it was very uncomfortable for me to stop the bike. Halfway through the race they gave a Long Lap penalty to me, which for me I see as a bit unfair.

But despite everything I was able to finish in 11th position and I was able to get my first points in the championship.

Chat soon,

Izan #33