Haruki Noguchi

Blog | Haruki Noguchi moves up to the Podium in Mugello

Hi, I am Haruki,

This weekend in Italy is over.

FP1 & FP2 - P11


I was running alone. Because, this is the first time in Mugello. So, I started from nothing again.

I tried to understand the track and just get the feeling with my bike.

I changed some parts of the setting, I needed to improve turning in after breaking. I found the how to do this for QP.


QP - P5

I followed some rides.I made the best lap for me and improved by 3 seconds from FP2. I could make a good charge for the lap time and for watching the fast riders.

But, I realised that the next day we would be battling in a big group.



I could good start well, the same as Jerez
But, this race was different. Because now I could follow the top three riders.


Also, I was thinking about what I might do for the final lap. I wanted to get in the right position for the last corner. I made a little mistake. But finally I am very happy to get on the podium.


Thank you very much to my sponsors and fans.

Chat soon,