Haruki Noguchi

Blog | Haruki Noguchi might have won but....

Hi, I am Haruki,

This weekend is over.

I could push a lot in the Sachsenring.

So, the feeling is so good and making pace from FP.


In Qualifying, I tried to find a good line and turning points.


Finally, I pushed, braking hard and I had a good bike.


So I got a time for the first row.


In a Race 1, I stayed in the top group and waited to find a chance. I thought that in the last 5 laps, we will start to push harder, to get a win.


But, finally a red flag and the race was finished. I was disappointed, but this is an accident.

In a Race 2, another guy touched me.

I crashed. I cannot do anything.


Thank you very much my sponsors and my team!