Haruki Noguchi

Blog | Haruki Noguchi making a great start to the Rookies Cup season


I am Haruki.

I finished the first race of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. This weekend was difficult for me.


But I got good experience for the Championship this year.


In Free Practice I tried to understand the KTM bike and also track. So, I was riding alone, but, it doesn't matter.
Every session we were talking about riding and suspension setting. Feeling better and better.

In Qualifying I followed fast riders. Then I could make 1.49.9. that is really good for us.


But I thought I will have to make a difficult race. Because, some corners I could not turn in. Also, when I made a long run, it was easy to lose the lap time. I qualified position 4.


In Race1, I made a good start. But I didn't keep the high speed.


I tried to just finish so as a result, I could understand the race laps.
Position 6.


In Race2, I thought I will following. It was difficult to stay with the top group. So, I changed the image, trying to top the second group.


Finally, in turn 6 a guy went inside me, but he couldn't stop. So I lost the position from third to fifth.
Position 5.

I hope that next race, I will try to understand the how to do better breaking and try to win!!!


Thank you very much all sponsors.