Harrison Voight

Blog | Harrison Voight takes time to get adjusted

Hello readers,

I've been in Spain for about a week and a half just to get back into the shape of things and to get used to another routine including the time zone. A big part of settling in again due to Australia being 9+ hours ahead of Europe so you are a bit jet lagged from the long flight!!


While just recently arriving back in Spain and being based here for the next 8 months, I've been busy getting settled into the new area I'm living in for the year and to keep my physical fitness up. Allowing me to also get some more seat time before the testing begins.

Main Phot0 - Training with one of the ex rookies, Billy Van Eerde

I'm still excited as ever or possibly even more knowing we are less then a week to get underway with this years racing. It's going to be a very busy year trying to keep up to date with all my school work along with the racing although it will be an awesome experience of racing for another year.


Thank you for reading and I'll keep you posted again soon!

Harrison Voight