Hanro Van Rooyen

Blog | Hanro getting ready for the season

Howzit everybody,

I am so excited for the 8th running of the series and can't wait to get going. I am focussing very hard on my fitness, training and participate in long distance running at school with my mates.

I enjoy English and must say I have developed a craving for the language, also bought a Spanish book to help me understand my fellow Spanish speaking riders.

Otherwise, my brother Rohan and I play MotoGP13, do mountain biking and of course putting a lot of hours on track. I can't wait to see the friends I've made at the Selection Event again and I do look forward to meet new people,sharing this great opportunity with us!

See you al soon and remember to make every moment count.

If you look at the photos of my brother and I can you tell we are worried about snakes in the water?

We only have one life, live it and appreciate everything...