Blog | Hafiq's difficult Estoril | 2011

Hello Everyone,

After enduring 16 hours of flying, finally we touched down in Lisbon in the evening of the 28th for the race weekend rounds 3 & 4.

Immediately we went straight to the Estoril circuit... really happy meeting the family...the Rookies Cup family. I went straight to take a peep at my bike, really missed her. Then we went to the hotel to get good rest hoping for the best for the qualifying on Friday and very happy.

Since Jerez, I had no chance to do any riding session at all and to be on the bike again during free practice was really the best thing. I could though just manage to be the 10h fastest.

But then it was really chaotic during the qualifying session.... heavy rain suddenly came. With limited experienced riding GP bike, to ride in the wet at Estoril is really the last thing I wanted to do. I was trying to be as gentle as possible, too bad I lost the front at the chicane. CRASHHH....

I went back to hotel with a bad feeling, having to start from 15th grid for race1 and not having the chance to practice my starting!

Race 1: Slight improved on my starting..really enjoying my race with Joe Roberts and Kyle Ryde fighting for 10th,11 and 12th positions. Overtaking each other... but may be due to lack of experienced on a GP bike compared to them, I lost the front end again, on lap 9.... CRASHHHH,.... it really makes me down.

Race 2: Start from grid 14th, manage to be in the group at the 1st turn, but just not my day,a faller in front of me, try to avoid him ...... I crashed again.... pick up the bike but the marshals took their time to help push my bike.... Then going again, doing my own race taking the shaking bike across the chequered flag.... finishing 15th, taking my 1st ever point!....hope it will start counting for the next race.

Looking forward to Silverstone.... hope to be well prepared and that lady luck will be with me.