Blog | Hafiq Mugello injury

Hi Everyone, It was a hard weekend. Whenever we Rookies boys race, rain comes. I was 8th fastest during qualifying but also had a crash and almost couldn't start the race. Luckily the Doctor gave me the green light at the last minute to ride but with a special cast on my leg.

It's really hard to race on an almost dry surface with rain tyres. I also had to fight with the pain when shifting gear. I managed to stay in mid group, just played it safe and was happy to cross the finish line in 17th position.

Maybe it's not my year, still my learning year. No riders want to crash, I just had limited time on a GP bike which is a totally new ball game for me compare to my European buddies.

To those who support me, thanks a lot... give me the time to prove.

Hope for better race in Sachsenring next weekend.

Hafiq Azmi