Blog | Hafiq good 2 races

Hi Everybody,

Had a good weekend in Sachsenring after spending more than a week in Munich.

It's the best race weekend 'cos I manage to cross the finishing line in both races.

Though I started from the last row due to being penalised for going out after the red light was on. I'm happy to finished both race in 11th position with points collected. Although I couldn't catch up to the first group I really had a good race in the 2nd group...clocking constant times each lap.

I improved my start, too bad I couldn't catch the front group, soon I'll be in the front group, I'm still learning.

I think this year is not the year yet but at least I'm moving forward step by step. It is just difficult to race on new tracks, new environment, new culture, new friends... still adapting.

Looking forward to the next meetings in Brno and San Marino.... Hope I can do some magic before season's end.

Just don't laugh at me yet, gimme time to prove myself. It's just that you need to fall down before you can run fast... I'm moving forward step by step.

Really need your support.... Morally,