Blog | Good riding but bad luck for Philipp at the Sachsenring


Hi All,

Last weekend was the 4th round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at the Sachsenring. I was very confident because I won a race last year there. So I hoped for a win at my home Grand Prix this year. On Friday we had one free practice session in dry conditions. I finished 3rd. It was OK. I had a good feeling. 

The first qualifying was in the wet. I went faster every lap. So I finished 9th. We had no 2nd qualifying because another bike spilled out oil on the track. And oil and water that is for sure not a good mixture.

The first race was in difficult conditions because it was not dry and not really wet. We started with the rain tires. I had a good start but someone touched me in the first corner. I lost some places. When I crossed the finish line I was in 7th position. It was an OK race but not a great one.

In the second race of the weekend it was dry. I took a good start and first good laps I thought that will be a great race. But after 3 laps my bike gave up and stopped running. I was very sad but it was not my fault.

I lost one place in the championship. I am now 3rd. I will give everything to hold the Cup open and to win this hard championship. I will not give up.

See you,