Gerry Salim

Blog | Gerry Salim out pedalling when he's got no engine

Hi everyone,

As a part of my preparation to face up Red Bull Rookies first round, I want to use every chance and possibility to keep my physical condition at the top. Other than workout at the gym, I also use my spare time for other activities to improve my physical condition.

For example before Jerez round, I ride my bicycle at els Monjos. Cycling in els Monjos not only improving my stamina but also I can enjoy the view of Spain.

At other occasion, I train using motocross bike with my team mate who also stay at Spain to race in CEV Moto2, Dimas Ekky Pratama. I train together with him at Rocco's Ranch.

I really hope that all preparation that I've done can help me to bring out my optimum performance.

Wish me luck!