Gabriele Giannini

Blog | Gabriele Giannini finding many ways to train before Misano

Hello to all,

I want to share with you some of these moments in Spain in Alcaniz, where I am training with all my strength in view of my home race on 9th September in Misano and then to return in perfect shape here again to the season finale.

I'm doing various types of workouts, so much bike on the track and out on the dirty track, but also bike and canoe trips!

I wanted to do this intense week of workout away from home to be focused at the maximum and to extend my horizons even in the training method and grow by demonstrating the change race after race.

I came here traveling by ship and also that was a new and beautiful experience for me, in my suitcases I took everything I needed to train and much desire to work to get the best result in the upcoming races of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup!

I thank all followers and I hope to continue to express my potential in this competition that is the best for my age guys!

All the best!

Gabriele Giannini # 11