Gabriel Hernandez

Blog | Gabriel Hernandez so close to points in Germany

Hello everyone!

Gabriel Hernandez here after a solid round 5 & 6 of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup!

Friday's practice and qualifying were a bit rough. I crashed into Turn 1 during practice 2. Also during qualifying, I crashed in turn 11 right before the down straight. I started from 22nd on the grid.

Race 1 was okay. I got a pretty decent start and was up to about 18th. I lost plenty of time to the group in front of me due to continuous mistakes on the last corner. I finished the race in 21st.

Race 2 was better. I got a very good start. I was trying to follow the group ahead of me but I couldn't gain any time on them. I was battling most of the race with Mykyta Kalinin & Emmanuel Aguilar.

We were having a fun battle until Emmanuel crashed. My finishing position was 16th. I came up short of a point again! I need to learn from my mistakes and other riders so I can get my first point at the Next round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at Brno.

See you in the Czech Republic,

Gabriel Hernandez III