Blog | Gabriel Hernandez learning the hard way in Jerez

Hello everyone Gabriel "G3" Hernandez here,

Just wanted to give you a quick rundown on the past two days of testing.

Day 1 was a difficult day but I learned a lot. The day was filled with developing my skills with the bike and track. I crashed going into turn 3 in session number two. After this, I learned from my mistake. The whole day I was progressing step by step. I tried to worry about myself instead of trying to hang with the people in front.

Day 2 was a better day. I was still figuring out the bike and track. For the second time in two days, I crashed but this time in turn 6. The following session after the incident, I was able to follow a rider and I found out that my turn in points and apexes are very early. The session right after I was able to set my best lap time of the day. Overall, the testing has been full of progress!

Talk to you later,

Gabriel "G3" Hernandez