Gabriel Hernandez climbing hard

Blog | Gabriel Hernandez climbing hard

Hello everyone, Gabriel ‘’G3” Hernandez here.

The end of November has come quickly and I’ve got to say it was a good month! When you ride a motorcycle 3 out of 4 weekends, it’s tough to say you didn’t have fun. I got a chance to ride on 2 circuits that are new to me and was able to clinch a championship on my 125. I’ve also been doing some training by running stairs every Tuesday and Thursday.

I can’t wait for my first season in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. It will be a great experience that only a few will get. The best part is that I will be riding world class bikes with a world class team on the same weekend as the best motorcycle racers in the planet!

I’ve also been focusing on school very much. If I don’t keep my grades up, my parents would not let me race. I try to impress my school with my grades because I will be missing some days to have a World Class experience in the Red Bull Rookies Cup!

Also, I am preparing for the tracks by playing MotoGP 14 on Xbox and have also been watching old Red Bull Rookies Cup races.

Have a good day everyone,

Gabriel “G3” Hernandez III