Gabin Planques

Blog | Gabin Planques inspired by his visit to iPone at ECMA

Hello friends,

I'm Gabin Planques, I'm 13 years old and I'm one of the three French riders selected for the 2019 edition of the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Since the announcement of my selection last October, I've done a lot of things!

I first finished the European Talent Cup season with Team LaGlisse. On October, 14th I was in Albacete. After having reached the 9th position, I suffered a fall due to the heavy rain but fortunately had no serious injury.


On November, 25th, for the last meeting of the season, I managed to make two good starts despite a technical problem on the bike. This season has been filled with emotions on the Spanish tracks.


To keep on preparing myself this winter, I do a lot of motocross sessions in 85cc with a friend who participates in the French and European championships of motocross.


At the beginning of November, I had the chance to sit on the official bike of the Rookies Cup for the first time. It was at the EICMA Show in Milan (Italy).


As someone who is passionate about sport, I go mountain biking as often as I can. I travel dozens of kilometers every week.

See you for the 2019 season of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup... Full gas!
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