Gabin Planques

Blog | Gabin Planques doing a ton of training

Hi Everyone,

Happy new year for all of you, today I come to talk about my off-season training.


Before winter there was the last ETC race in Valencia. The race went well I finished 14th with my team Larresport Bradol.


This winter, I train on the technical and physical aspects by practicing motocross with Dani Pedrosa and flat track with my brother and Fabio Quartararo.


I also participated in a race of the Catalonia flat track championship the race can go very well l finished at the 7th for my first flat track race.ç

With my mechanic practicing motocross

To train physically I go to the gym at Centre Cenit and I do a lot of MTB with my physical trainer to be ready for the 2020 season.


See you for the first race of the season in Jerez!