Blog | Flo wins Race 1


Hey guys,

Now we are in England.

On Friday we had the free practice with the rain tyres in the dry, because at the beginning it was possible, that rain was coming. 

In the 1st qualifying I got two penalties, because I went over the curbs onto the green area and I did this on my best laps. So I was in 6th position.

The 2nd qualifying was better and I was in 3rd position.

My race start was OK and I was 2nd, but at the end of the the first lap it was wet.

Then some riders pass me in the first lap and I was only 6th or something like this. At the end of the first lap four riders crashed in front of me.

So we did a restart.

We started the second race in the dry but with rain tyres.

The second race start was also good and I could lead the first 2 laps, then a few riders passed me, then I wanted to save tyres and stayed in 7th.

In the last laps I wanted to go to the front and I could pass a few riders. In the last lap I passed the 2nd and pushed and I could end the race 1st. That was great!

Today I want to go again on the podium.

See you,

Flo #66