Blog | Flo winning at Assen and the Red Bull Ring

Hey guys,
On Saturday I had the 2nd race in Assen.
My start was like Friday.
Then I had great fights with the other riders and a lot of fun. In the last lap I was first and than Hanika pass me. Then I used his slipstream and passed him in the fast left corner before the chicane. Than I braked late and at the middle of the track. Then Hanika touched me and he crashed. I won the race. In the evening I saw the picture from Hanika's crash. I was happy that he was OK, because that looked not good.
Then we traveled 1150 km to the Red Bull Ring in Austria to ride the 2nd IDM race.

I had only 5 laps in the warm-up training in this really nice track, but in the race I had to start from the last position.

But my start was good and I could pass a few riders and won the race. For me it was a really nice weekend and now I am looking forward to Sachsenring.
See you,
Flo #66